The Deep Blue Crew headed to Key Largo for an amazing warm water weekend getaway April 10-14! No passports, no hassle, just swimsuits and scuba gear - what better way to spend that tax refund!

A quick and dirty trip, we took a red-eye on Virgin Airlines (ever seen their safety song & dance?  So much fun) Thursday night, arrived and unloaded Saturday with us diving Molasses Reef that afternoon!  After a dinner watching the sun set over the Atlantic Ocean we all crashed in our cottages for the night.  Saturday was spent diving the Spiegel Grove wreck, the SS Benwood wreck, and French Reef.  After another sunset-lit dinner (with drinks and live music) we headed back to the cottages where we sat stargazing and chatting. 

By noon the next day we were back on a plane headed back to Los Angeles with a weekend's worth of new memories and SD cards full of pictures! 

Quick comments from a few of the participants:

"Celeste and I had a great time. Total blast...  As always, a great group of people to travel and have fun and adventures with." - Dick

"I had a freakin blast!!!!!!!!!!!!  I want in next time around!!!" - Tunille