Deep Blue and friends have been fortunate to travel the country and world with some amazing friends and divers. Here's a look at some of the past trips we've done. This lists is ever-expanding, so check back often!

Costa Rica August 4-9, 2016

Twenty-one Deep Blue travelers headed to Costa Rica August 4-9, 2016 for some amazing diving and adventures! After flying into Liberia, we took the shuttle over to Playa Hermosa on the northwestern part of the country and settled in at Villas Sol! The views from the rooms couldn't be beat.  All food and drinks were included, so after a day of traveling we all popped down for some tasty food and beverages!  After a comfy night of sleep we met Rocket Frog Divers down on the beach and took off for our 1st day of diving.  Over the 9 dives we did on the trip we saw many different species of eels, puffers, rays (including Mantas!), sharks (white tips and bull sharks!), and school after school of various fish. 

Roatan, Honduras March 7-14, 2015

Deep Blue and crew headed to Roatan March 6-14, 2015! This all inclusive trip at the luxurious Mayan Princess was heaps of fun for all involved. 

Ashley H. had this to say of the trip: "Exceptional trip!  Well put together, great cost, great location, great company... everything was great!  Wish I was still there and would do it again in a heartbeat!  One of the best parts for me on a trip this awesome - once I decided to go, I handed over my credit card and then didn't have to do another thing, when life or work keeps you busy, this can be a very refreshing way to vacation."

Cozumel, Mexico

Cozumel 2014 was a huge success. We went on 10 beautiful dives all on different reefs during which we had encounters with sea life including spotted eagle rays, sea turtles, southern sting rays, sea snakes, nurse sharks, parrot fish, groupers, bountiful corals, and much much more.  We also spent plenty of time poolside tanning, playing volleyball, and just gallivanting around town - all while enjoying a cocktail or two... or 4... or 10. Hey, it was all inclusive, can you blame us? In addition to all of this two people in our group were named Mr. and Mrs. Cozumel for the week and how they earned that title is a whole other story. Sound like fun?  You could have been there, but don't worry, we have more trips that will be just as fun already planned.

Key Largo, Florida travel with Deep Blue Scuba

The Deep Blue Crew headed to Key Largo for an amazing warm water weekend getaway April 10-14! No passports, no hassle, just swimsuits and scuba gear - what better way to spend that tax refund!

A quick and dirty trip, we took a red-eye on Virgin Airlines (ever seen their safety song & dance?  So much fun) Thursday night, arrived and unloaded Saturday with us diving Molasses Reef that afternoon!  After a dinner watching the sun set over the Atlantic Ocean we all crashed in our cottages for the night.  Saturday was spent diving the Spiegel Grove wreck, the SS Benwood wreck, and French Reef.  After another sunset-lit dinner (with drinks and live music) we headed back to the cottages where we sat stargazing and chatting. 

Farnsworth Banks, Catalina, September 2013

Farnsworth Banks is a gem of a dive on the back side of Catalina. It’s got amazingly purple hydrocorals and larger than normal fish everywhere.  It’s a deep dive with sometimes heavy current so only Advanced Divers can come along. It is definitely one of the best dive sites in Southern California though and, on average, we only run this trip once a year so don't miss out the next time it comes around!

Waidroka Bay Resort, Fiji - 2013

Fiji, aka paradise!! Ya, we go there. 2013 was our first trip to Fiji and it was a BIG hit, we will definitely be going back!!

This particular trip was an all inclusive, 7 night 8 day dive and surf trip, which turned out to be mostly a dive trip due to the insanely large surf that was hitting this island during our stay. We stayed at Waidroka Bay Dive and Surf Resort on the island of Viti Levu, Fiji. The resort was remote, beautiful, the staff was incredibly friendly, the food was awesome, and most importantly the diving was incredible!! We spent 4 days doing three tank dives and 3 days free to do whatever we pleased. The resort had two bars, a swimming pool, kayaks, pool tables, dart boards, paddle boards, and great outside lounging areas. Many of us chose to spend a few of our free days relaxing and taking in the surrounding beauty. If relaxing isn't for you they also offered a host of day excursions to local villages, waterfalls, cultural tours, and transportation to pretty much anywhere you wanted to go. Did I mention that the diving was incredible?   

Great White Shark Week 2012 – Guadalupe Trip

There are big fish, and then the are BIG FISH – and adult female great white sharks rank amongst the biggest out there! Deep Blue & the R/V Sea Watch ran a trip down to Isla Guadalupe to hang out with some of the most amazing creatures on the planet. We spent 4 full days at the island with people going up in down in cages all day long. However, that isn’t all we did – quite a few of us spent a lot of time outside of the cages and video from those trips has been featured on ABC, the GoPro website, and Patagonia’s website. It was a life-changing experience for all involved and Deep Blue is extremely excited to have been a part of it!