To book your FREE initial evaluation lesson for a private lesson for your toddler or preschooler, or to sign up your baby for Parent & Me class, we encourage you to call us at 562.988.SWIM. Come to our family-friendly facility, see our indoor 90-degree pool, meet our friendly staff and knowledgeable instructors.

Billing and Payment

Our swim school operates on a perpetual enrollment basis; meaning, if your tuition payment is made on time, your child automatically remains registered for his/her class. Tuition is automatically billed on the 25th of every month for the following month. For example, on February 25th, we bill for March's lessons. NO refunds will be given for any swim lessons purchased.

Upon registering for classes, you will be asked to confirm which credit card you want to use for automatic billing. Your payment will be automatically charged to a credit card on the 25th of each month. If you choose to make a cash or check payment, you must do so by the 25th. Failure to provide payment by the 25th, will result in a $30 late fee. If you will not be attending the next month, please inform us 30 days in advance. If you miss a tuition deadline, your credit card on file has expired, or is no longer valid, please call us right away. If we do not receive payment by the 25th of every month, we assume you are not continuing with classes and will open up your child's spot to people on the wait list.

Annual Membership Fee

There is a $30 Annual Membership fee for each child enrolled or $50 Annual Membership fee for families with two or more children enrolled.


We understand that there are times when a child is not able to attend class. If your child is absent, you are allotted one makeup per child to a maximum of 4 makeups on the account at a time. Makeup classes will not be credited in lieu of monthly payments. Makeups are not available for swim team programs or if the swim school was NOT notified of your child's absence prior to 8:00a.m. the day of the lesson.

Swim Diaper Policy

For the health and safety of the students and instructors, ALL students under 4 years of age are REQUIRED to “double diaper” - meaning a disposable swim diaper and a Happy Nappy swim diaper cover (Splash About brand only). This applies even to those students who are potty-trained. If this policy is ignored and a pool closure occurs, clients will be fined $250 for the incurred costs as a result of a pool closure.

ILL Swimmers

Students who are ill (fever, heavy mucous, severe cough, diarrhea, vomiting, rash, etc.) may not participate in their lessons. A 24-hour waiting period following the last sign of fever, etc. is required before a student returns to lessons. Please inform Deep Blue as soon as possible if you or your child contracts something that could impact our instructors and students' body and health.