20 minute weekly lessons - Sibling Discounts Available

$175 - 4 week monthly session

We offer one-on-one swim instruction to students of all ages and skill levels. The intimacy of the private swim lesson allows our teachers to specifically cater the instruction to each student’s individual needs and skill level. Our CPR-trained teachers are experienced, professional experts teaching Deep Blue’s unique Six-Step Swim Program. Classes are taught in a gentle, fun, yet progressive way, allowing students to develop coordination, stamina, stroke work, and above all, the ability to be confident, comfortable and safe in a variety of water environments.  So whether your child is six months old and starting swim lessons for the first time or a nine year old preparing for junior lifeguards, learning to swim is a critical life skill that every child must develop. 

Double Diaper REQUIRED for children 4 and under - Happy Nappy Reusable diaper cover over a disposable or reusable water diaper

Call now for your FREE initial evaluation lesson at 562.434.1644 (Belmont Facility) or 562.988.SWIM (Bixby Facility)