30 minutes / $20 per class

This beginner level swim program puts parents in the pool with their baby as early as 3 months old. Our teachers work with parents to help develop the natural instincts that a child has for the water, as well as the primary skills of breath control and buoyancy. In this 30-minute infant-toddler group class, the instructors lead the parents and students through group activities and interactive water games appealing to a child’s sense of curiosity, wonder, and play. This fun class is a great bonding experience for parents and their children and also aids in the child’s physical and mental development. The age range for this class is 3 months-18 months.

 (Class ratio 6:1) Parent in the water with baby

REQUIRED: Disposable Swim Diaper & Happy Nappy Reusable diaper cover

Call now for lessons-  562.434.1644 or 562.988.SWIM

Belmont Class Times:               Bixby Class Times:

Mondays @ N/A                         Mondays @ 9:30am

Tuesdays @ 9:00am                   Tuesday @ 1:00pm

Wednesdays @ 9:30am              Wednesdays @ N/A

Thursdays @ 9:00am                 Thursdays @ 9:30am & 1:00pm

Fridays @ 9:00am                      Fridays @ 9:00am

Saturdays @ 8:30am & 9:00am   Saturdays @ 8:30am & 9:00am

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