A popular rock climbing location (as well as background for numerous television shows, commercials, and movies), Point Dume Is also one of our favorite beach dives. Interesting underwater structure, seal lions and seals, and larger than average fish make it a great dive site. A hefty surface swim, unforgiving current, and larger than average waves make it a dive only for confident advanced divers.

Beach Access/Parking

You’re going to have to pay for parking. Try to park as close to the rock face as you can. If the tide is low, you can walk all the way around the first structure to shorten your surface swim. If the tide isn’t low, you’re going to want to enter a ways from the rock face to avoid getting caught between hidden rocks and surf, then swim out towards pinnacle rocks (the rocks sticking out of the water). That’s your dive site.


You’ll find public restrooms, outdoor showers, and water fountains here.