Redondo Beach

A fantastic spot for deep and night dives, Vet’s Park is a great site for new as well as experienced divers. This dive site is a sandy oasis, but don't underestimate the lack of reef structure because there is no lack of sea life!

Beach Access/Parking

Vets Park has ample metered parking close to the stair beach access, at 309 Esplanade in Redondo Beach. Meters are checked 24 hours a day.


There are outdoor showers to rinse your gear as well as restrooms that include a changing area. Sometimes the restrooms are closed at dusk.

Experience Level

If you have moderate to high experience with surf entry, this is the dive site for you! The underwater slope gets deep relatively fast so make sure to be watchful of your depth.


This dive site is a surf entry. The waves are typically 1-3ft on average but they can reach as high at 7ft. Make sure to check the conditions the day before to make sure you’re comfortable before planning your trip. 


There are no large reefs at this dive site, just a sandy bottom. Redondo gets as deep as 120ft. If you're strong with your navigation, you can seek out the underwater "Monument" located in about 65ft of water.

Sea Life

The types of creatures that you can spot at this dive site include squid (especially on night dives in Jan-March), jellyfish (rare), crabs, sea anemones, different species of fish, halibut, lobsters, and shrimp.