Laguna Beach

Generally less crowded due to its rocky entry and limited parking, this site has lots of nooks and crannies to explore! Keep in mind this cove is not as sheltered as the other Laguna dive sites and conditions can change dramatically. Plan your dives accordingly!  (Due to glitch with google maps, you may need to be logged in to a google account to view the map - despite its settings being at "public")

Beach Access/Parking

Street parking is very limited at this dive site - either being on Moss Street, Ocean Street, or the PCH. This is a small side street so look carefully as it is easy to miss! Look for the sign that reads “Moss Point”. There is a staircase that leads directly onto the sand from the end of Moss; the stairs near the bottom are very steep so watch your step! You may have to drop off your gear and then park up on the PCH, but this dive is worth it.


There are no facilities at Moss Street so be sure to stop elsewhere beforehand if you need to!