Master Scuba Diver – The Top Recreational Certification

Want to call yourself “Master?” At up to a 30% savings, the title won't even cost that much.  In order to accomplish this rating, you must be at least a Rescue Diver, have earned five specialty ratings, and logged at least 50 dives.  

At Deep Blue, we love scuba diving - and we want you to love it as well.  We've found that the more training people have and the more confident they are in the water, the more they enjoy diving.  To help with that we've created a package deal that will not only save you money once, but for the rest of your diving life.  Yes, you read that correctly. 

To sign up for Master Scuba Diver Package, choose any five specialties we offer (you can see that list here), pay a flat rate of $800, and start diving!  Individually, each specialty costs between $70 & $245 so by purchasing the package, you can save over 30%!

What are the perks of getting your MSD with DB?  Upon completion you'll receive a free 5 Air Fill Card.  Then, for the rest of your life you'll get $5 off each 10 Fill Card and $10 off each 20 Fill Card.  Oh, and 1/2 price refreshers for life (maximum one a year).  Perks alone can be save you thousands over the years!

Fine Print: 

  • Must complete all 5 within a year of signing up to take advantage of the perks.
  • Boat tickets are not included (as they aren't needed on most of the specialties.
  • Some of the specialties require various pieces of gear you'll need to purchase (ie - Night Diving requires that you have lights)
  • While certification fees are included in our price, the application fee for your Master Scuba Diver rating must be paid directly to PADI.

That may sound like a lot to grasp, but we can help you every step of the way. Give us a call at (562) 434-1604, send us an email or stop on by the shop.