Underwater Naturalist

We all know you see some pretty cool stuff while you’re out scuba diving. What’s even better is knowing what all that cool stuff you’re actually seeing is! The Underwater Naturalist Specialty will help you better understand the aquatic environment in which you’re diving. More than just fish and species ID, the Underwater Naturalist teaches you how they all interact with each as parts of an ecosystem. Knowing how life interacts will open your eyes underwater, allowing you to see even more than normal. During the two scuba dives, you’ll learn:

  • The major aquatic life groupings, interactions and factual information that dispels negative myths.
  • The role of aquatic plants, food chains and predator/prey relationships.
  • How to interact responsibly with aquatic life.
  • The underwater naturalist’s view of organisms and their roles in the environment.


In order to finish this course, there are 2 dives you’ll need to complete. As it is easily possible to do this course from the beach, we typically do. However, if you’d prefer to complete this course over at Catalina Island we can make that happen for you!

Make sure you check our DB Scuba calendar to find out when we're next running this course. Let us know if you are interested, but don't see it on the calendar.



The price of the course is $170. This includes materials, instruction, certification, and our full rental package (BCD, regulator w/computer, wetsuit, hood, tanks, and weights). You will need to have a slate & pencil to write down observations – but you have to have those during Advanced so you’re probably good!

In addition to counting towards your Master Scuba Diver Rating, this course is highly recommended if you are going for your Divemaster rating! Want to read more about other specialties we can offer you? Here they are!