Underwater Navigator

Frustrated that you can't find the boat at the end of your dive?  Want to know how to explore the underwater world without getting lost?  Want to feel confident that you'll achieve your underwater goals and still exit with plenty of gas in your tank? The Underwater Navigation Specialty is for you! You'll learn how to navigate using natural clues and by following compass headings. During three scuba dives, you’ll practice:

  • Methods to estimate distance underwater.
  • Compass navigation while making at least five turns.
  • Marking or relocating a submerged object or position from the surface.
  • Underwater map making.


In order to finish this course, there are 3 dives you'll need to complete.  If you've already achieved your Advanced Open Water with Deep Blue, you'll only need to do two (as you did the first one during AOW).  If you only need the 2 dives we typically do both in one day from the beach.  If you need all three they can be done in one day or over two days.  If you'd prefer to dive over at Catalina we can arrange for boat tickets as well!

Make sure you check our DB Scuba calendar to find out when we're next running this course.  Let us know if you are interested, but don't see it on the calendar.


The price of the course is $200.  This includes materials, instruction, certification, and our full rental package (BCD, regulator w/computer, wetsuit, hood, tanks, and weights).

This course counts towards your Master Scuba Diver rating. Want to read more about other specialties we can offer you?  Here they are!