Dudley is one of our Deep Blue Dive Ambassadors. He's a resident Divemaster and staff photographer - as well as a published photographer, contributing writer to our monthly newsletters, a vessel Owner/Operator, and all-around scuba addict. He has dove and traveled extensively in Southern California and throughout the warm waters of the Caribbean, Atlantic, Mexico, South Florida, and most recently Cortes Bank. "Both local diving, and dive travel are such great ways to meet people, have fun and enjoy different kinds of culture & scuba diving. For me, it's also a great way to relax and take pictures. It's kind of like taking a walk through the park, but underwater!" His future goals & plans? "I would like to master the Closed Circuit Rebreather, and bring my big-life encounters & underwater photography to a whole new level."  As you're looking around the website, please note some of the incredible photographs we've used - almost all of them are Dudley's!