For the first fourteen years of his life, Jung was born and raised in the Taipei, Taiwan.  He spent his teenage and college years in Long Beach, California.  At a very young age aquatic sports and ocean activities were part of his life, such as swimming, water polo, surfing, fishing or simply lying face down in the water with a mask and a snorkel looking at fish.  While attending California State University, Long Beach, he was certified as an open water scuba diver, and what started out as a hobby has evolved into an undying passion and curiosity for the underwater world.  He began his career as an engineer in aeronautical industry after receiving Bachelor of Science degree from California State University, Long Beach, but that did not stop his passion to explore the world below sea level.  As a PADI Divemaster since 2016, he continued to educate himself and refine the fundamental skills with goal to lead many great adventures into the deep blue.