Growing up Corinne was always the first one in the water and the last one out. As a New York native she developed an insatiable love for the oceans during her summers spent in The Outer Banks, NC. At sixteen years old she completed her Open Water certification in a quarry and never looked back. Three months after her initial certification she traveled to Belize to attend SCUBA diving camp, where she attained her Advanced certification. At the age of eighteen she moved to Santa Barbara, CA to dive, sail, and kayak the Channel Islands. After several years in Santa Barbara Corinne traveled to The Seychelles to become a PADI Divemaster and to live on a remote research base where she studied fish and invertebrate biodiversity and abundance. Upon returning to California, she spent one year working as an Exhibit Interpreter and Aquarist Assistant in The Santa Barbara Sea Center before once again experiencing a serious case of wanderlust. Two weeks after deciding to move Corinne packed her dive gear in one bag and her clothes in another and boarded a one-way flight to The U.S. Virgin Islands. After spending four years in The VI working as a Divemaster she returned to California and joined the Deep Blue team where she is happy to be continuing her dive career.

- Divemaster