Maaike is a native Dutchy, who never dove the cold waters of the Netherlands. After her study to become a RN she traveled to Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand - picking up scuba diving during her travels. After working as a RN in the Netherlands for a few years she longed for a new adventure and signed up to work on a hospital ship in Africa. She led the general surgery ward, joined the dive team that cleaned the ship and worked as a deck hand when the ship needed all hands on deck. She met her husband on board the Africa Mercy and after a long distance relationship she came over to the U.S., got married and made her husband learn how to scuba dive. The two have been buddies and encouraging each other to continue their dive education. Maaike became an open water scuba instructor in 2016. They started a little family and are hoping their offspring will love the ocean as much as they do.

Besides scuba diving Maaike loves to walk with her dog, grow her own veggies, travel and spend quality time with friends and family.

-Open Water Scuba Instructor