Richard recently retired after 32 years in the law enforcement community and is looking forward to spending his retirement years working in the scuba diving community. Since 1999, he has enjoyed warm water diving in Florida, Mexico, Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Spain, Anguilla, Aruba and the Dominican Republic and in colder water locations such as California, North and South Carolina, Washington D.C. and Virginia. Richard is excited to assist students as a Divemaster as they learn about and enjoy the wonderful world under the water that scuba diving offers. Scuba diving can provide a life changing experience and is a tremendous amount of fun, but scuba diving is a sport that has to be taken seriously. He’s excited to teach students about finding that fun/safety balance. He and his wife Sue are looking forward to spending their retired years time traveling the world with family and friends. Richard is also looking forward to this second chapter of his life in scuba diving as a DM and sharing it with us here at Deep Blue.