At Deep Blue Scuba we can handle anything you need done to your dive tank including: 

Air Fills

Cost & Turnaround Time

$6 for cylinders 40 cubic feet & up

$3 for cylinders less than 40 cubic feet

$48 for 10 Fill Card ($4.80/fill)

$75 for 20 Fill Card ($3.75/fill)   This is your most cost effective option - unless you purchase a new tank from us and take advantage of your first year of free fills!

Air fills can be done while you wait.  We can also fill most paintball tanks.

Nitrox Fills

Cost & Turnaround Time

$10-$18 (depending upon the size of your tank)

Nitrox fills can usually be done while you wait.

Visual Inspections

Your cylinder needs to have a current visual inspection sticker on it in order to be filled at a dive shop or on a boat. These inspections must be performed every year. If yours is out of date, we can check it for you.

Cost & Turnaround Time

$15 (includes air fill)

Visual inspections can usually be done while you wait, typically taking only 30 minutes from start to finish. 

Hydrostatic Testing & Tumbling

Cylinders must be hydrostatically tested every 5 years. The month and year are stamped into the metal when the cylinder passes the test. If your cylinder doesn't have a stamp dated within the last 5 years, we'll send it out to our trusted partner, Spectrum Gas, and have it tested.

Cost & Turnaround Time

$45 Hydro (includes visual & air fill)

$45 Tumble (includes visual & air fill)

$65 Tumble AND Hydro (includes visual & air fill)

All cylinders are sent to Spectrum Friday mornings and return the following Friday. 

 Oh, and we rent tanks too! Call for pricing and availability at (562) 434-1604.

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