Annual Inspection

Most manufacturers require an inspection every year to keep your warranty valid. This inspection includes:

  • Checking the intermediate pressure supplied by the first stage
  • Checking the second stage opening effort
  • Inspecting the hoses, mouthpieces, and second stage exhaust valves
  • Inspecting the first stage inlet filter
  • Pressurizing the system and immersing in water to check for leaks 


When indicated by the manufacturer, your scuba equipment needs an overhaul to keep it functioning at its peak performance. This service consists of:

  • Complete disassembly of your regulator
  • Cleaning according to manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Replacement of o-rings and seats according to manufacturer’s guidelines
  • Adjustment of intermediate pressure and opening effort to like-new condition

Cost & Turnaround Time

$35 per stage plus parts

$45 plus parts for inline regulators (ie - SS1, Airsource, Octo Z, etc)

On occasion we will come across unsafe or unusable parts not normally changed during a service; those parts will incur additional costs. 

Turnaround is approximately 2 weeks.  If you need it sooner, a rush job can be arranged for an additional fee.