On one of Matt’s family's kayaking trips to the Florida Keys he paddled out to a small island off Key Largo, parked everything on a beach, donned snorkeling gear, and proceeded to snorkel around it. Becoming so entranced by what he was seeing under the surface he failed to circle and instead swam a straight line, only looking up when it was getting too deep to see what was beneath him. His family was hundreds of yards away, waving and yelling to get his attention – so he waved back. He then put his face back down into that brave new world and kicked towards them, completely unaware (as only an 8-year old can be), that there was any cause for concern. 

Since then, whenever possible, Matt’s been in the water. He got his Open Water certification while in Australia back in 2001, spent (too little) time in the Galapagos Islands, got his Advanced Open Water in the Caribbean, and has spent his last few years adventuring in the waters of southern California. He’s trained with numerous agencies and in numerous specialties, obtaining his Master Scuba Diver rating before deciding to go Pro and become a Divemaster, then Open Water Scuba Instructor. 

- Open Water Scuba Instructor