Deep Blue travel for scuba divers

Local Diving

The diving in Southern California is amongst the world’s best. With giant kelp forests found almost nowhere else in the world, you can explore an entire underwater ecosystem that few get to visit. From bright little nudibranchs to giant Black Sea Bass we’ve got an amazing amount of biodiversity and a thriving dive community to support it all. With weekly trips to the Channel Islands, beach dives worth writing home about, and structure ranging from rocky reefs to caves, wrecks, and even oil rig platforms, plus night diving, there’s easily something for everyone!

Destination Diving

While we love diving in our local waters, sometimes you just want to get away! Whether you want to travel to places exotic and halfway around the world or just different and halfway around the country, come talk to us at Deep Blue and we'll take you there! Have a look at our past trips and be inspired, then check out our upcoming trips and start planning for your next destination!

Family Travel

Deep Blue is a family owned and operated business and we like to take trips with our families! Bring your family along; take your kids abroad; leave your troubles at home.