Deep Blue Travel Checklist

Deep Blue Travel Checklist

While not an exhaustive list, hopefully this will function as a quick guide to what you'll need for your next water vacation!

  1. Trip Insurance

  2. Passport - and a copy stashed elsewhere

  3. Certification Cards (highest rank AND nitrox)

  4. Itinerary

  5. Printed Travel Confirmations

  6. Medical Vaccinations

  7. Printed Emergency Contact Info/Numbers

  8. Reef-Friendly Sunscreen

  9. Dive Gear

    • Lightweight Travel Fins

    • Lightweight Regulator

    • Travel BCD

    • Roller Bag

    • Regulator Bag

    • Back-up Dive Computer

    • Save A Dive Kit

    • U/W Camera

  • Appropriate Footwear

  • Boat & beach-worthy clothes

  • At least 1 set of dressy casual clothes (for those evenings out on the town)

  • Undies

  • Motion Sickness Medication

  • Toiletries (deodorant, toothbrush & toothpaste, floss, tweezers-for urchins as well as eyebrows & splinters, feminine hygiene products, brush/comb, contact lens solution and/or glasses case, etc)

  • Cash stash (including small bills and envelopes for tips)

  • Phone & Charger

  • Pen for customs declarations

  • Reading Material for the plane