Swim Partnerships & Affiliates

Long Beach Swim Lessons Partnerships & Affiliates

United States Swim School Association

United States Swim School – US Swim School Association (USSSA) began in 1988 and over the past 25 years, USSSA has grown to become the largest swim school association in the country, and is recognized by affiliated schools, instructors, and parents alike as the preeminent swim school organization in the world. 

Currently, USSSA has over 400 member schools in 39 states and 16 countries worldwide. USSSA Member schools provide swimming and water safety instruction to over 500,000 students each year. Member swim schools receive invaluable benefits as USSSA members, receiving the latest training in water safety, swim instruction methods and tools, invitations to annual conferences, and many other benefits that help establish and enhance each individual school.  

Through USSSA, parents and students are provided with a reliable and trustworthy resource when searching for a swim school and can rest assured they have chosen a top school when they choose a USSSA affiliated location.

National Drowning Prevention Alliance

National Drowning Prevention Alliance - The mission of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance is to prevent drowning and aquatic injuries, by educating, leading, engaging, and supporting the public, our members, chapters, and partners. 

Safer 3 Water Safety Foundation

Safer 3 Water Safety  - The mission of the Safer 3 Water Safety Foundation is to enrich the lives of all people by promoting the life-long benefits of swimming for safety, health, fitness and recreational enjoyment. Our vision is to bring about a reduction in the number of drowning events with the Safer 3 Program, and to support research, education and programs that promote swimming and water safety. Drowning is Preventable!