Scott - Swim Director + Scuba Instructor

Scuba Instructor Scuba Instructor Deep Blue Long Beach


Scott grew up in Anaheim Hills, California and has been swimming and enjoying water sports for as long as he can remember. Scott wanted to share his love of the aquatic world with others, which is why he started teaching swimming lessons at a young age and has been doing so for the past 14 years. Scott works with infants, children, and adults of all ages and abilities.  His favorite part about teaching swim lessons is having fun and watching his students gain confidence in the water. Scott has a special ability to relate with children and help them overcome any fears they may have during their lessons. Scott is also a scuba instructor and specializes in teaching scuba to children and teenagers.


Scott is the Director of the swim school at Deep Blue and became an instructor while employed here. Scott’s favorite part of diving is exploring; discovering life, wrecks, and underwater terrain that few have had the opportunity to see with their own eyes. Scott loves to have fun and has a passion for teaching and sharing his love for the water with others.


- Open Water Scuba Instructor