Deep Blue - News & Events

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Underwater Cleanup

April 23rd is the next Belmont Pier Underwater Cleanup.  A bi-monthly event, these cleanups are a great way to give back to the oceans that give so much to us.  In addition to being a great way to help out, it's also a great way to meet new divers and dive for free!  For details, Dive Against Debris


Want to Dive?

Locally, we have Channel Islands trips, beach dives, and underwater cleanups planned.  You can call in or stop by for information and to sign up.  Dates can be found on our calendar here


Chamber Eve

Join Deep Blue May 4th at the Aquarium of the Pacific to raise money for the USC Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber. This annual event has become know as Scuba Prom - let's dress up, eat, drink, and be merry with fellow divers while raising money for a good cause.